Building Energy Use Index and Utility Meter Verification (NYSERDA)

Rochester Institute of Technol­ogy selected C&S to perform an energy master planning study as part of NYSERDA’s PON 3438 – REV Campus Challenge Techni­cal Assistance for Roadmaps.

RIT’s campus consists of over 4.7 million square feet of academic, dormitory, laboratory, athletic, office space, and more. The campus is divided into an east campus and west campus, each with its own central plant. Most buildings have two electrical ser­vices (a 208V service and a 480V service) and a natural gas ser­vices, each with a campus owned utility meter. In addition, energy flow meters measure chilled water and medium temperature hot wa­ter feeding most of the buildings. Many of these meters are older and the campus was not confident they were all calibrated correctly. As part of this project, C&S verified the readings from each of these meters, calibrated meters that could be calibrated, and recom­mended repairs and replacements on those that needed them

Additional metering needs were identified and meters selected to enable the collection of 12 months’ worth of energy data at each of these buildings.

Currently, C&S is compiling this data into monthly analysis reports and discussing these results with the campus. C&S will create benchmarks with energy usage indices (EUIs) for each of the buildings and provide an analy­sis to compare these buildings to each other. The ultimate goal will be to use this data to make intelligent decisions about where to focus resources and how best to invest in future energy saving initiatives.