Capital Improvement Project at Wellsville Central School District

C&S Companies proudly managed the $12.8 million capital project to upgrade Wellsville Central School District’s facilities.

We strategically installed three advanced air handling units at Wellsville Elementary—in the gym, cafeteria, and locker rooms. Additionally, we introduced a modern 83,000-square-foot roof system.

Careful planning ensured uninterrupted construction work throughout the school year. This allowed us to create a new STEM lab at the high school/middle school without disrupting students or staff.

Significant upgrades were made to the elementary kitchen, including advanced equipment, improved walk-in coolers/freezers, and better serving lines. Also, we revamped multiple classrooms with fresh flooring and windows. To meet the District’s growing needs, we installed a new boiler.

Enhancements to the site encompassed the construction of a new parking lot and stairways leading to the District’s track and turf field, significantly improving accessibility and functionality.

Our value engineering techniques not only saved the district money immediately but also promise future savings with a 30-year warranty.

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