Construct Artificial Turf – SUNY Delhi

In the Northeast, spring and fall sports are typically played dur­ing inclement weather resulting in poor field conditions. Synthetic turf fields allow nearly continuous use in all types of weather, without damage or degradation, and sig­nificantly reduce the maintenance burden by eliminating mowing, watering, line painting, turf repair, and over seeding. This project involved replacement of the exist­ing natural turf, multi-purpose field with a synthetic turf stem to allow the campus to take advantage of these benefits.

The replacement field was de­signed to NCAA standards and striped for soccer and men’s and women’s lacrosse. In addition to the field itself, C&S designed sup­porting facilities such as accessible walkways, fencing, lighting for the field and walkways, scoreboards and delay of game clocks, and an elevated press box with a filming deck above supported by a ma­sonry storage building below.

The site presented several design challenges due to its location – a plateau on the side of a hill. The proposed field was slightly larger than the existing one and had to be strategically located to properly balance the earthwork without the need for expensive retaining walls or soil export/import while main­taining vehicular access for mainte­nance and emergency vehicles as well as ADA accessibility.

A subsurface storm water de­tention system was designed and placed within the field and several bio retention areas were employed to meet green infrastructure re­quirements.

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