Campus-wide Electrical Distribution Upgrade

C&S designed a campus-wide site electrical distribution system upgrade to replace SUNY Cortland’s aging existing system. Phase 1 replaced the existing 115 KV substation with two 10 MVA transformers with a 13.8 KV secondary and added a distribution building housing 15 KV switchgear and capacitors that allowed upgrade of the entire campus to 13.8 KV. Phase 2 included 22,500 linear feet of ductbanks and manholes in a three-loop distribution system feeding 13.8 KV to 28 buildings. Phase 3 completed loops 1 and 2, removed the overhead 34.5 kV line, and made site modifications to the substation.

The new distribution configuration has greater reliability and continuity of service. Fault indicators at each loop switch indicate a fault in a cable segment, so it can be quickly isolated and repaired.

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