Energy Efficiency Improvements at Cortland Enlarged City Central School District

Working collaboratively with the District, C&S completed a wide range of energy-efficiency improvements at multiple schools. Interior and exterior fluorescent, incandescent, and metal halide lighting were replaced with LED fixtures and a new advanced lighting control system reduces runtimes through occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting. A district-wide controls system upgrade gives personnel more control over their HVAC equipment and lighting. Innovative control strategies reduces equipment runtime, saving significant energy. A 450-ton chiller and domestic hot water heater were replaced with more efficient units. Two redundant hot water loop pump motors were replaced with efficient motors with variable frequency drives to reduce their speed and energy consumption when demand is low. Rooftop units were replaced with units with more efficient condenser sections. New heat recovery loops at various locations allow heat to be extracted from the exiting air stream and added to the supply air stream, reducing the need to heat air for occupied spaces. District-wide, six electric booster heaters were converted to natural gas. A condensing unit was replaced with a more efficient unit. Seven package terminal air conditioning units were replaced. The bus garage received an efficient gas-fired, low-intensity, infrared heating system.

The project received a Silver Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies.

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