Field Maintenance Fast Track Fuel Facility

Step into the remarkable progress made by Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority when they partnered with C&S Companies in boosting their infrastructure. When the airport wanted to build a new Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) building in Grand Rapids, MI, there was a problem to solve. The existing maintenance fleet fuel and pavement deicing chemical facility blocked plans for the SRE expansion.

Handling Infrastructure Challenges

Together, we quickly designed a new fuel and chemical facility prior to removal of the old one. This allowed us to move forward with the SRE building, while meeting our goal to maintain continuous operations.

Innovative Fuel Center

The new fuel facility boasts innovative safety features including strong double-wall steel construction, redundant spill prevention systems and new fuel monitoring and leak detection software. These tanks can fuel up to eight vehicles at once. Pumps deliver fuel to four dispensers, each with two hoses, using fobs for security.

Secure Operations

We’ve covered the entire fuel area with a canopy for safety and convenience. It’s well-lit and monitored by cameras to ensure secure fueling operations. Our chemical area has three 20,000-gallon tanks surrounded by concrete spill containment and steel guide rails for added safety and environmental protection.

Environmentally Friendly Design

All equipment and electrical controls are housed in a dedicated shed. We’ve also installed unique drainage systems to prevent discharges to the environment, showing our commitment to safety and responsibility.

Project Completion and Dedication to Excellence

Starting design in early 2023, this $4.8 million fast tracked project was completed and fully operational by December 2023. Our team is committed to progress and doing things right.

Proud of Progress

At C&S Companies, we take pride in partnering with Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority. Together, we overcame challenges and built a fuel farm infrastructure that reflects our combined dedication to innovation, efficiency, and safety.

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