GO Car Wash

C&S Companies was the design-builder for two 4,100-square-foot Royal Car washes in
Cicero and Clay, New York.

Projects consisted of the following:

  1. Asbestos abatement and demolition of the existing structure on the site.
  2. New site infrastructures; sanitary and storm sewers, new water, gas, and electric services.
  3. The building is a 4,100-square foot masonry and wood frame structure which included:
    ♦ Reception/office area
    ♦ Employee break space
    ♦ Restroom
    ♦ Mechanical space
    ♦ Wash tunnel
    ♦ Exterior walls are of decorative CMU units @ 4” coursing
    ♦ Roof system is wood trusses with fiberglass shingle
    ♦ Exterior trim of Fypon dental moldings
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