Laboratory Renovation

Garlock Sealing Technologies was founded in 1919 in Palmyra, NY and is a manufacturer of specialty gaskets and seals. Garlock desperately needed to up­date their in-house lab area which was dated back to the 1950’s.

The decision was made to move the lab into unused existing office space. The exist­ing office space required demoli­tion and the addition of underlab utilities. Trenches were infilled, the HVAC system was framed, and new walls were built as well as the installation of lab equipment and fixtures.

The HVAC system was located on a concrete pad at ground level due to snow load issues and the structural require­ments of the RTU.

The lab was completed and com­missioned within the schedule as well as within budget. The new lab is much more “user-friendly”, with all of the most up-to-date equip­ment.

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