Nazareth College Parking Study

A combination of factors including the construction of new facilities, changes in enrollment, increased use of off-campus housing, and vehicle registration policies resulted in parking demand on campus that exceeded the supply.

The parking study was conducted to:

  • Understand the historic loss of supply and validate current parking demand
  • Evaluate access to the campus and provide recommendations on wayfinding/circulation
  • Review accident history and identify patterns that can be corrected
  • Review the impact of delivery and loading on parking
  • Provide strategies to address existing and anticipated parking and transportation issues while considering trends in transportation and sustainability
  • Develop an equitable campus parking policy and communicate it to the campus population

A series of short- and long-term strategies were developed to focus on the campus priorities to maximize safety, reduce demand, manage supply, and replace supply. The first action item from the study was the development of a parking policy that leverages the scale and design of the campus to prioritize pedestrians. The policy provides a flexible structure to accommodate future modifications in permit structure and enforcement.

drawing of street with parking lane
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