Oswegatchie River Local Waterfront Revitalization Program

We were selected to identify appropriate redevelopment and cohesive revitalization strategies for six different municipalities (Town of Oswegatchie, Village of Huevelton, Village of Rensselaer Falls, Town of Canton, Town of DeKalb and Village of Richville) along the Oswegatchie River in St. Lawrence County.

Part 1 of the LWRP includes the facilitation of Water Advisory Committee meetings, Public Meetings, finalization of the LWRP Boundary, a complete inventory and analysis, and a regularly updated public engagement plan. Outcomes of Part 1 include materials to apply for Part II of the LWRP, a comprehensive list of strengths and opportunities along the river, and a clear direction for future projects and policies.

In addition, we were responsible for meeting coordination, regular updates to Department of State, survey distribution, and the identification of stakeholders.

View from walkway of the waterfrozen lake
View from walkway of the water
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