Replacement of Coolidge Road Bridge over Indian River

Jefferson County was the recipient of a $3.285 million Bridge New York Grant in November 2018 for the replacement of the Coolidge Road Bridge over Indian River in the Town of Antwerp. C&S Companies provided both design and construction inspection services for the replacement of this bridge for the Jefferson County Highway Department.

This bridge serves as a key link connecting Philadelphia and Antwerp, located in a narrow corridor between Fort Drum and the CSX Railroad.  Also serving many soldiers, their families, farms and local residences as well as the area immediately surrounding Fort Drum.  The replacement of this bridge allowed for the removal of a section of a Coolidge Road spur that was a blind S-curve beneath a CSX Railroad Bridge. 

This Bridge NY funded project involved the replacement of a poorly aligned 1929 two span jack-arch bridge.  The bridge is located at a sharp bend in the river and in the middle of an S-curve along Coolidge Road.  The new one is single span, with improved alignment between the roadway and river.  The construction required one abutment be founded on gneiss bedrock, while the other abutment is founded on steel H-piles.  Some unique features of this project are the NEBT Beams, mussel relocations and tied-back steel sheeting system used for scour protection. 

Preliminary and final design began in Spring 2019, culminating with the bidding and award for construction in February 2022 and construction completion in Spring 2023.

Coolidge Bridge
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