Residential Sound Insulation Program

C&S’s QuieterHome Program team was selected to manage the treatment of up to 700 residential structures and potentially several buildings on the campus of the University of Louisville. The Louisville Regional Airport Authority (LRAA) had established significant momentum in their noise mitigation program over the last 20 years with the acquisition of more than 2,000 homes and C&S has helped maintain momentum and ensure a smooth transition into a sound insulation program.

Learning from experience and with a reputation of aggressively engaging the community in all of their projects and programs, the LRAA focused on a methodical and thoughtfully planned approached to developing the program prior to launching into the actual design and construction phases. The QuieterHome Program team prepared a detailed policies and procedures manual, a coordinated community outreach program, and facilitated numerous meetings with airport leadership, the Community Noise Forum, City of Louisville departments, and other key stakeholders.

A homeowner workshop is provided to those homeowners interested in learning more about the program. At the homeowner workshop, homeowners are encouraged to come to the project office. The QuieterHome team has established a display room available for homeowners to learn more about the products and get a hands-on-experience with the treatments. To date, 648 eligible families have received sound insulation. There are an additional 87 families awaiting construction, ready to order material, or waiting to advertise.

C&S’s QuieterHome ProgramC&S’s QuieterHome ProgramC&S’s QuieterHome ProgramC&S’s QuieterHome Program
C&S’s QuieterHome Program
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