Runway Rehabilitation

C&S designed a $3.5 million rehabilitation to Runway 14-32, Ithaca Tompkins International Airport’s single runway, which included partial depth milling, placement of a bituminous concrete true and level course and bituminous concrete surface course on 6,377 feet of the runway. The project received a Gold ACEC Engineering Excellence Award.

Three major airlines, the FBO, the local flying club, and the ATCT manager were engaged from the inception of the project through final design to help minimize impact on operations. Multiple work phasing alternatives were prepared, presented, and vetted and it was determined that a short-term, full-airport closure had the least impact on airport users and was the best way to ensure the highest quality product.

Construction schedules were developed to determine the minimum allowable contract time. A 14-day airport closure was identified as reasonable and feasible. Construction crews worked 24 hours a day during the milling and paving operations. Despite some setbacks from failing bituminous material, the contractor was able to complete the project in just 13 days.

Ithaca Airport Runway
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