SkyDome | Griffiss International Airport

C&S was proud to support converting Griffiss International Airport’s Building 100 into SkyDome, the largest indoor Anechoic Chambered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle experimentation facility in the United States. SkyDome enables secure testing for both civilian and military drones, accommodating up to 100 drones concurrently for direct comparisons with helicopters.

SkyDome offers diverse testing, including GPS, signal jamming, and wireless networks. For instance, researchers assess a medical delivery drone’s performance in Manhattan traffic and study how helicopters disrupt enemy drones.

Safety is a top priority. The facility employs technology-equipped walls and ceilings to block radio signals, preventing interference with nearby aircraft. Sound-absorbing materials reduce echoes, and protective nets safeguard walls from drone contact.

Beyond the indoor testing area, SkyDome provides an outdoor space for drone operations. It features a control room and an observation area, enabling researchers and spectators to closely monitor drone testing activities.

Griffiss International Airport SkyDome
Griffiss International Airport SkyDome
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