SUNY Polytechnic Institute Wildcat Pedestrian Bridge and Donovan Plaza

The State University Construc­tion Fund selected C&S to design the reconstruction of the plaza in front of Donovan Hall and the replacement of the existing Wildcat Pedestrian Bridge at the State University of New York Polytech­nic Institute campus in 2019. The existing plaza hardscaping in front of Donovan Hall and the existing Wildcat Pedestrian Bridge were constructed in the mid-1980s and had deteriorated to the point that they were at the end of their useful lives.

Several areas within the proj­ect site were not universally acces­sible and the existing infrastructure was in need of rehabilitation.

The project consisted of rehabilitating an existing site electrical distribu­tion system, sanitary, storm water system, improving the site lighting with dark sky compli­ant LED light fixtures, demolishing an existing pedestrian bridge and replacing that bridge with a newly constructed steel truss bridge that would span a 100-foot gorge and provide safe access for pedestrians crossing from one side of the cam­pus to the other. This improved overall pedestrian and vehicu­lar access to the area as well as other site amenities and landscap­ing.

The primary electrical service on campus ran through conduits suspended from the un­derside of the existing pedestrian bridge, due to this, the existing water line had to be relocated to construct the north abutment of the new bridge. A utility cutover plan was required to maintain services to the affected buildings.

Aerial view of pedestrian bridgePedestrian bridge
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