C&S’s skilled architects and engineers deliver the right mix of services for facility projects.

Our professionals design new buildings, rehabilitations, renovations, and expansions for many market sectors. Our full-service architectural and engineering capabilities include structural, mechanical, HVAC, energy, plumbing, fire protection, security, communications, electrical, and civil. Registered architects and licensed engineers are involved from the evaluation and planning stages through design, development of contract documents, and construction administration. C&S also has dozens of LEED-accredited and Envision Sustainability Professionals who are instrumental in integrating green building technology. Our experience includes higher education, healthcare, military, industrial/manufacturing, airports, municipalities, state and federal agencies, parks and recreation, warehousing and distribution, commercial/office space, and hospitality.


Contact: Eric Wing | ewing@cscos.com

C&S has a globally accredited BIM services division. We have adopted BIM into our daily production, increasing productivity and decreasing time spent on requests for information. BIM establishes a digital representation of the physical aspects of a facility in 3 dimensions with embedded object information and/or intelligence. The model can be used as a repository for facility information and used by electronic facility management systems. C&S uses BIM for multi-disciplined vertical construction projects to provide high-quality and efficient designs and on  a number of design-build projects to effectively link design and construction.


C&S provides civil, site and infrastructure engineering and planning. We have extensive experience in site development, utilities, environmental, civil engineering, infrastructure planning and maintenance. Today’s sophisticated technology, such as BIM or GIS, allows clients to locate, map  and more effectively manage infrastructure improvements to all above grade or underground utilities. C&S offers hands-on experience in creating electronic  mapping systems and implementing cost-saving measures to meet your maintenance and development needs.


Technology is the cornerstone of the built environment, significantly improving and impacting available services and the quality of an experience. C&S has the knowledge and expertise to implement technology solutions for today’s business and educational environments. We have experience in communications master planning, backbone and horizontal distribution systems, telecommunications rooms, network architecture, wireless networks, cable television systems, public address systems, clock systems, video projection systems, smart and high technology classrooms/conference rooms, auditorium sound systems, assistive listening systems, courtroom sound and recording systems, intercom systems, conventional and IP (Internet Protocol) telephony, patient nurse call and wandering systems, and infant abduction systems.

Electrical Infrastructure

Contact: Jeff Robbins | jrobbins@cscos.com

C&S provides full-service electrical infrastructure engineering and planning. We have extensive experience in electrical substations up to 115kV and electrical distribution systems up to 34.5kV. We provide substation design and analysis, overhead and underground distribution design, short circuit studies, coordina­tion studies, arc flash studies, load flow studies, ground grid analysis and design, harmonic analysis, and electrical commis­sioning agent services. We use state-of-the-art modeling software that allows us to develop one-line diagrams that can be used for computer analysis. These models can be used to analyze potential modifications to the electrical distribution system to determine the performance of the system, generating significant cost savings.


We maximize every available resource to achieve energy reduction, cost-management, and environmental sustainability goals. Our experts evaluate existing energy infrastructure and usage from point of procurement to final consumption using unique approaches to traditional solutions. We help clients realize the full benefits of renewable energy—with affordable, reliable, green energy projects that modernize facilities, reduce carbon footprints, and energize stakeholders. We can adapt existing systems to make them more energy-efficient and/or develop new “showcase” renewable projects. C&S has significant experience with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and is a Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech) program consultant.

Facility Planning

Contact: Aileen Maguire Meyer | amaguire@cscos.com 

Much of the development around us is the result of a carefully prepared plan. Our professional planners are engaged to help make informed and well-thought-out decisions about the future of the built environment and  infrastructure. As dollars remain tight in both the public and private sectors, the need for creative and innovative planning is higher than ever. C&S’s planning expertise includes campus-wide planning, airport planning, real estate and land development, surface transportation and traffic studies, and sustainability planning. There is a growing movement in this country around sustainable and smart development. Municipalities and communities are realizing that decisions based on the triple-bottom line concept of balancing economic, environmental, and social needs result in the most well-rounded and realistic outcomes. This approach is the core of C&S’s planning services.

Industrial Process

Because of the specialized needs of industrial facilities, C&S has a dedicated group of process engineers, architects, and construction staff devoted to this area. Our in-house experience encompasses system evaluations, process modifications, new process design, and energy conservation measures. We understand the unique challenges faced by the industry and help our clients by improving manufacturing processes to support their business needs. C&S helps our industrial clients maximize their assets and find cost-effective solutions to improving safety, operations, and efficiencies.

Life Safety Services

C&S designs and implements health, safety, and fire protection systems, standards, and policies with the mission is the prevention of fire, health/safety issues and the protection of life and property through sound and innovative life safety engineering. Our specialized group of engineers have decades of education, training, and experience in fire prevention, fire protection, health, safety, and emergency management. We have designed wet sprinkler, dry sprinkler, standpipes, carbon  monoxide detection and fire detection systems, monitoring, retrofits and new systems. Whether your life safety design challenges are simple or very complex, our cadre of professionals have the technical capabilities and real world experience to make your facilities safe and secure to protect your greatest assets—your people.


The mechanical engineers at C&S have decades of diverse experience and advanced technical training in the mechanical consulting field. Our engineers are ready to be engaged in your facility’s infrastructure design needs and work through problems to find timely, economical, and viable solutions. Our experience includes healthcare and laboratory HVAC systems design, 3-D modeling of mechanical systems and plants, combined heat and power systems design, energy recovery, alternative energy, industrial ventilation, mechanical system operational analysis and code analysis, boiler and chiller plants, ice rink refrigeration, mechanical piping code compliance stress analysis and  analysis using 3-D modeling software and finite element analysis, and mechanical/industrial process engineering.

Power Systems

Contact: Doug Obrist | dobrist@cscos.com

C&S’s electrical team brings broad and deep knowledge and experience to the design and solution of each project. Whether it is a single production motor, motor control center, building distribution, back up power generation, variable speed drives, or evaluation of an existing electrical system, we have a solid understanding of all types of systems. Our expertise includes power consumption studies, power factor, short circuit analysis, coordination studies, and arc flash analysis, as well as standby and emergency power generation from 50KW to 5000KW, including automatic and manual transfer systems.


Contact: Tim Thomas | tthomas@cscos.com

C&S develops, sells, and supports Q Ware cloud-based facility management software to private and public facility maintenance, engineering, and operations departments. This computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) makes maintenance simple for facility professionals managing small- to mid-sized organizations. Q Ware is the perfect solution for organizations currently using cumbersome paper systems or large, complicated, and expensive enterprise systems. Q Ware comprises five software modules that cover:

  • Work order management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Asset management
  • Facility event scheduling

Learn more at www.qwarecmms.com.


C&S’s security design team has the latest in technology training and design standards to implement a safe, cost effective, maintainable solution to our clients’ safety and security concerns. We have experience in mass notification, campus security master plans, cameras, card access systems, wireless access systems, fencing and other crime thru environmental prevention tactics.


Contact: Jack Obleman | jobleman@cscos.com

The structural engineering professionals at C&S work with a wide range of clients and project sizes from jib crane analysis to the structural framing for a complex building system. We use the latest design and analysis software, so we are more efficient and have an increased level of quality control. Our structural engineers incorporate BIM into REVIT models, allowing clients to view and understand the framing and all interrelated components in three dimensions. Our projects include new building foundations and superstructures, including steel, concrete, timber, masonry, and cold formed light gauge metal; analysis of existing structures and buildings; failure investigations; seismic retrofit; tower analysis; structural inspections; load ratings; retaining walls; parking garages; headwalls; piers; docks; HVAC support systems; bridge crane; jib crane; and hoist designs.

Utility Master Plans and Mapping

Our utility master plans document and assess the condition and capacity of utility and site assets. The information is captured in a user-friendly geospatial facility information and management mapping system. Technologies such as GPS and traditional surveying locate at-grade, above-grade and below-grade utility and infrastructure features. Subsurface utility engineering such as ground penetrating radar locates and maps subsurface infrastructure. We assess and evaluate many utilities—stormwater, low-voltage security and signal, gas, sanitary sewer, water, communications, concrete utility tunnels, high/medium/low voltage electrical, and high temperature hot water  and steam/condensate. In addition to geo-referenced CAD drawings, infrastructure asset information is captured in a spatially enabled, GIS-based database/facility information management system (FIMS). The system is a centralized storage repository for facility-related data, giving facility professionals an easy way to search and retrieve information. A typical master planning report includes condition assessment , capacity assessment,  recommendations, capital budget summaries and projections, life expectancy, total replacement costs, maintenance and operations considerations, upgrades/repair summary and costs, sustainability plan, alternative approaches, and recommended inspection and maintenance schedules.

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