C&S embraces sustainability throughout all facets of our company. It is a framework that guides our activities and decisions, and an opportunity to provide value to our clients and communities through a holistic approach to planning, design, and construction. We have seen firsthand the benefits of a sustainable mindset through significant cost savings in our own facilities, enhanced efficiency throughout our work, minimized environmental impacts associated with our projects, and increased resiliency in the end products we provide.

We help clients achieve organizational performance goals in a way that reduces the consumption, degradation and depletion of vital, limited resources. We consider a more comprehensive set of performance criteria, aligned with the client’s priorities and values. Working together, we can develop solutions that reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, eliminate toxins, improve human and ecological health, reduce atmospheric carbon levels, regenerate & strengthen communities, preserve our potable water supply and eliminate waste. When considered collectively in an integrative design process, it is very possible to achieve measurable progress toward these goals without economic sacrifice. C&S’s specialists are proficient in guiding clients through this process and achieving certification across many of the commonly pursued sustainable rating systems and accreditations including LEED, Envision, Airport Carbon Accreditation, Sustainable Sites, and Green Globes.

Read C&S’s Corporate Sustainability Plan.

Read C&S’s 2021 Sustainability Update.

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