C&S has an integrated approach to healthcare facilities that includes architecture, engineering, construction, and construction management – all under one roof. Our professionals understand the specialized needs and issues facing the healthcare industry. Our work incorporates evidence-based design to create sustainable healing environments, infection control strategies, phasing to minimize impacts on patients, and navigates a complex regulatory landscape. The C&S team provides services from early concept planning through design and construction. Our experienced professionals deliver projects that meet your needs today and for years to come.

Areas of Expertise

  • Laboratories
  • Primary care clinics
  • Behavioral health, clinics and residences
  • Long term care facilities
  • Imaging facilities (CT, MRI, linear accelerators, nuclear medicine)
  • Procedure spaces
  • Hospital customer service (admissions, lobby, guest services)
  • Hospital support services (central sterile, kitchens, materials management)
  • Code compliance
  • ASHE certified healthcare contractors

Featured Projects

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