Electric Vehicles

The electric vehicle (EV) transition is well underway and can be an extremely daunting prospect for resource- and knowledge-constrained clients to navigate. C&S employs a team of planning, engineering, and construction experts who have hands-on experience with all aspects of the vehicle electrification challenge. Together, we have helped our clients navigate the various pathways and phases of vehicle electrification and infrastructure adaptation.


  • Strategic planning and budgeting for fleet transitions
  • Selecting, siting, and designing charging infrastructure
  • Evaluating electrical infrastructure capacity
  • Installing EV charging stations
  • Securing federal and state grants, utility rebates, and tax incentives for vehicles and infrastructure
  • Master planning for whole-facility/community energy sustainability and resilience to ensure proper integration of EVs and chargers with parking, buildings, on-site generation, and electrical infrastructure.

Featured Projects

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