Electric Charging Infrastructure

C&S was part of a team that designed the electrical charging infrastructure at San Antonio International Airport to allow for the conversion of airline ground support equipment to electric. Work included evaluating the existing electric system, meeting with manufacturer representatives of various chargers, coordinating with airlines to locate the chargers, and preparing plans and specifications for bidding.

The design of the electric infrastructure allows for the conversion of 41 baggage/cargo tractors, 18 belt loaders, 2 lifts, and 1 pushback tractor to electric by Delta, Southwest and United Airlines, as well as the cargo handler, UPS. The chargers and subsequent conversion by the airlines and cargo handlers to electric ground support equipment (eGSE) will reduce ozone precursors of VOCs and NOx over a 13-year period by 13 and 80 short tons, respectively, while carbon monoxide will be reduced by more than 430 tons.

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