Architecture Services Term Agreement for Maintenance Facilities

C&S designed maintenance facilities for use by New York State parks and regional mainte­nance staff including:

Rockefeller State Park Pre­serve—C&S designed the phased development of storage facili­ties and a new parking area. The architectural features of the existing visitor complex were used to estab­lish the aesthetic character of the maintenance building. Construc­tion of Phase 1, a 750-square-foot heated storage facility, was com­pleted in 2019. Phase 2, an approxi­mately 1,560-square-foot, two-bay, unheated storage facility will be constructed in 2020. Phase 3, cur­rently in design, will include the development of a 75-space parking area and new vehicle circulation patterns to accommodate tractor trailers used for film shoots. Sus­tainability elements include accom­modation for future roof-mounted solar panels, bio retention swales for stormwater management, EV charging stations, and dark sky compliant lighting.

Letchworth State Park—C&S is leading a consultant team to pro­vide architectural and engineering design services for the develop­ment of a new 10,000-square-foot North Maintenance Facility. The building’s support space includes offices, restrooms, break room, and lockers. The overall site design includes shared infrastructure to accommodate a future police station, including a 950,000-gallon pond to provide firefighting capacity and stormwa­ter management. Sustainability el­ements include roof-mounted solar panels, a geothermal system, and bio retention swales for storm water management.

Allegany State Park—C&S is leading the architectural and engineering design for the devel­opment of a new 13,000-square-foot regional maintenance facility. The building’s 2,900-square-foot support space includes offices, restrooms, break room, and lockers.

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