Greenhouse Gas Tracking and Reporting Support

Building on tools established in the SLCDA’s 2015 Sustainability Management Plan, C&S assisted the SLCDA in enhancing its greenhouse gas (GHG) tracking & reporting process.

The first task was a reevaluation of indicators, in which C&S reviewed currently tracked sustainability metrics and conducted a gap analysis between those indicators and best practices in the airport industry. The second task was an evaluation of available tools and software options to support sustainability program tracking. C&S evaluated tools used within the aviation industry and compared each tool based on cost, subscription/purchase model, notable capabilities, and their applicability to the SLCDA. The third task was to develop an enhanced initiative tracker to help the SLCDA monitor implementation of sustainability projects across the airport. C&S developed a custom Excel tool that featured a summary dashboard to clearly communicate project status across a variety of SLCDA sustainability focus areas. C&S also aligned projects with recommended metrics from Task 1, potential funding sources, and provided a structure for mapping projects to relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). The final task was to refine sustainability performance and data management tools used by the SLCDA. C&S facilitated discussions with software vendors and sources of SLCDA utility data.

Building on these discussions, C&S developed an enhanced GHG Data Manager Tool that automated many aspects of the GHG tracking process, including more streamlined processing of raw utility data into usable metrics. C&S integrated advanced data validation features into the tool to identify data quality issues and developed intuitive, user-friendly navigation interfaces. Finally, C&S mapped the outputs of the GHG Data Manager directly to the Airport Carbon and Emissions Reporting Tool (ACERT), enabling the SLCDA to easily transfer information into its GHG emissions inventories.

Screenshot of SLC Sustainability Initiatives TrackerScreenshot of SLC Airport GHG Data Manager Tool
Screenshot of SLC Sustainability Initiatives Tracker
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