Aviation Planning


At C&S, we take a holistic approach to aviation planning that considers more than just mandated requirements, integrating important factors like sustainability, business planning, and funding opportunities, among others. For example, we pioneered the field of sustainable master plans and are known nationwide for sustainability planning. Airports are highly complex systems, so C&S applies broad strategies and analyses that overcome the missed opportunities and costly inefficiencies inherent to a narrow focus. Our experienced, diversified professionals anticipate needs and advance solutions with lasting results.  Our industry-leading experts de­velop innovative plans that integrate the varied needs, goals, and possibilities of airports.

On-Call Services

Airport consulting services have been the cornerstone of our professional practice since day one. Our client list of planning assignments currently includes more than 70 airports and airport systems, and most of our airport projects are conducted as part of on-call contracts. Our national aviation practice consistently receives accolades from airport sponsors, the FAA, state agencies, professional organizations, and even our competitors, for the  quality of our work.

As we work on your assignments, the experience of our staff will be evident in both technical areas and in our ability to communicate them as well. Our  philosophy and methodology for project delivery is simple: invest time and energy at the beginning to understand the assignment and expectations of your airport, engage experienced human capital and technological resources to complete tasks in the most effective manner possible, and deliver a quality finished project.

Master Planning

We focus on a more integrative and holistic approach to planning that goes beyond what many firms are able to offer. By incorporating unique in-house expertise like sustainability, land use and economics, and terminal planning, we deliver more well-rounded, living, functional documents to guide an airport’s future. C&S’s aviation planning experts are part of a national aviation practice with over 125 staff dedicated to serving our aviation clients’ environmental, planning, design, and construction needs. C&S has decades of experience preparing master plans consistent with our belief that every plan should be tailored, versatile, and purposeful. Our planning team has extensive experience in visioning and big idea workshops, physical inventory and conditions, demand capacity and facility requirements analyses, innovative alternatives development and evaluation, and feasible plan formulation and implementation.


C&S is a national leader in aviation sustainability and resilience. Our work developing the country’s first FAA-approved sustainable airport master plan helped inspire the FAA’s sustainability planning pilot program. Since that time, C&S has worked with airports of all sizes across the country to integrate sustainability into airport planning, design & construction, and operations. We have successfully completed more than 250 separate airport planning, environmental, design and construction projects during the past five years and well over 2,500 during our 50 years serving airport clients. Our national aviation group features over 125 technical experts, with staff dedicated to environmental planning, sustainability, resilience, air quality, airfield and landside engineering, grants administration, and other specialized disciplines.

We employ a holistic approach to sustainability, factoring in economic and operational elements to ensure sustainability programs endure within the unique constraints of airports.

Terminal Planning

C&S experienced terminal planners, architects, and engineers create operationally efficient and financially feasible terminal development strategies. We brainstorm big ideas, then translate them into creative solutions that are affordable and can be realistically constructed.


C&S is a national leader in aviation environmental planning. Our multi-disciplined staff of environmental engineers, geologists, and scientists provides comprehensive engineering and consulting services in all phases of environmental management. Our national aviation group features over 120 technical experts, with staff dedicated to environmental planning, sustainability, resilience, air quality, airfield and landside engineering, grants administration, and other specialized disciplines.

Land Use + Economics

As certified professional planners, our broad view and progressive approach to land use and development-related problem-solving serves the interests of airports and the communities they serve. As economists and strategic advisors, we combine market analytics with practical knowledge of development and regulatory processes to help target market-supported opportunities and provide tools that support decision-making throughout the process.

We help airport clients define and implement development strategies that are grounded in market feasibility. Our work supports economic sustainability by maximizing the value of airport land assets.

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