Land Reuse Strategy

Faced with decades of community discord from numerous voluntary and forced acquisitions of residential properties west of Phoenix Sky Harbor, the City of Phoenix turned to C&S to develop a comprehensive reuse plan sensitive to the deeply rooted and complex community context. Nearly 750 residential properties were acquired under the airport’s Voluntary Acquisition and Relocation Services (VARS) program between 2005 and 2015, leaving a patchwork of vacant land, residential, commercial, and industrial uses intermingled. This critical area between downtown and the airport has struggled economically for years and the city’s vision is to establish a clear pathway to a positive economic and social future. Because the VARS program was funded with FAA grants, the airport is obligated to either dispose of or define an acceptable long-term use for each parcel.

C&S led the development of the PHX Land Reuse Strategy and was responsible for project management, community engagement, identification of uses for the vacant parcels, and assembling a final plan. Existing parcel data and planning study documents were evaluated, a market analysis was conducted, and a community-based plan was developed. Crucial to success was the active engagement of the impacted communities and key stakeholders. A multi-layered community engagement process included a program management committee, advisory group of senior business and community leaders, and a roundtable for each planning area with members representing cultural, business, and community interests. Community workshops allowed individuals to guide the process and give valuable input to the airport and project team.

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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport subject area
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