Lewis County Department of Social Services Building Renovation

C&S Companies, spearheaded the transformation of the Lewis County Department of Social Services building, encompassing a range of crucial design aspects:

  • Exterior and Interior Upgrade: Our team tackled everything from the building’s outer shell to its inner parts – roof, walls, floors, HVAC, plumbing, and more. We even looked into adding extra space for better use.
  • Building Plan: We carefully weighed up ways to do the work – fixing the building in stages while people were there or doing it all at once after moving everyone out. We chose the latter, leading to a quicker schedule and savings of about $400,000.
  • Improved Safety: The new design focused on one main entry point with top-notch security, card access, and limited entry to private areas for better safety.
  • Following Rules and Sustainability: Our plan met all building codes, rules, and energy-saving measures. We ensured the building met modern standards while using eco-friendly methods during reconstruction.

Our approach not only revitalized the Lewis County Department of Social Services building but also ensured it met modern-day requirements, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

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