Master Plan Update/Commercial Real Estate Development Strategy

The C&S team led a detailed market assessment and implementation strategy for development of the 350-acre airport-owned South Development Area (SDA) as part of the Daytona Beach International Airport master plan update team. The SDA offers frontage along a high-volume road as well as airfield adjacency, so our team evaluated opportunities related to both specialized aviation and aerospace-related operations and market-driven driven (commercial, industrial, hotel, etc.) non-aeronautical development. The commercial market assessment identified recommended land uses and informed market timing for a phasing strategy.

We also engaged key stakeholders and agencies to integrate ongoing community planning efforts and economic development priorities. After evaluating site development alternatives, our work culminated in the creation of a conceptual site plan for the SDA, illustrating the distribution of future development on site based on market assessment outcomes and typical requirements of the uses identified.

The conceptual site plan incorporates stormwater facilities and other infrastructure-related considerations identified in a concurrent stormwater plan, and would allow phased investments supporting future development on the site over time. A forward strategy and set of concrete recommendations guide DAB as it advances site-readiness efforts and pursues development opportunities for the SDA.

Daytona Beach International Airport Project ContextDaytona Beach International Airport Concept A
Daytona Beach International Airport Project Context
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