On-Call Environmental and Sustainability Consulting

C&S has served as the on-call environmental and sustainability consultant for San Diego International Airport (SAN) since 2019, after over a decade of providing related support to the San Diego Regional Airport Authority. Projects have included:

  • Strategic Grant Funding Roadmap for Transportation Electrification—Considered both landside and airside opportunities, emphasizing programs for which the Airport Authority has the greatest level of control, ability to pursue funds (particularly for charging/fueling infrastructure), and/or potential to influence tenants’ pursuit
  • Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA)—C&S supported SAN’s ACA application process, including proving guidance on program strategy and assisting with emissions inventories, related documentation (e.g., stakeholder partnership plans), and verification coordination. C&S also completed robust emissions modeling for construction activities at SAN
  • Embodied Carbon Support—C&S is advising the Airport Authority on methods to reduce the embodied carbon of construction materials. This includes support on design specifications for carbon sequestering concrete mix designs, which trap carbon in the concrete during the curing process
  • Grant Application Support—C&S has helped the Airport Authority secure millions in sustainability funding, including nearly $9 million from FAA’s Voluntary Airport Low Emissions (VALE) program for electric charging stations, gate power, and pre-conditioned air (PCA) units and over $1 million from FAA’s Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) program
  • Sustainability Rating System Support—Conducted an analysis of rating systems focused on health and wellness, including WELL and Fitwel, to determine applicability to the Airport Authority’s new construction of its Facilities Management Department Administration Building

Diagram outlining priority project pathways for electric shuttle buses
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