C&S commits to offsetting air travel emissions through The Good Traveler program

C&S Companies is proud to announce its partnership with The Good Traveler Program to reduce the firm’s carbon footprint related to employee air travel. Building on years of experience working with airport clients to decarbonize the aviation industry, we are excited to continue and deepen our commitment to corporate sustainability. As a national firm with offices and clients across the country, we recognize that travel is a crucial part of our business. Whenever possible, we use technology to conduct virtual meetings. For our most important engagements that require travel, we seek to mitigate related impacts through the purchase of high quality, verified carbon offsets.

In addition to our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of employee air travel, C&S Companies can also explore innovative solutions to address emissions from ground transportation. Recognizing the significance of local mobility, particularly in vibrant urban settings like Waikiki, they can examine opportunities to incorporate eco-friendly transportation options into our business practices. One avenue they can explore is the integration of scooter rentals into their travel strategies, providing employees with convenient and sustainable ways to navigate urban environments during their business trips.

By embracing scooter rentals in locations like Waikiki, they can aim not only to reduce the environmental impact but also enhance the overall travel experience for our team members. As they continue to prioritize sustainability in all aspects of our operations, they can remain committed to exploring innovative solutions that contribute to a more environmentally responsible future.

For 2019, C&S has purchased credits to cover 1,031 metric tons of carbon dioxide—the equivalent of nearly 5.8 million passenger miles flown, or the carbon dioxide produced by the electricity required to power more than 180 homes for a year. We are specifically investing in impactful projects across the United States located in the regions of The Good Traveler’s airport partners, therefore supporting projects where we frequently fly. These projects include renewable wind energy generation, forest management and restoration, grasslands conservation, and truck stop electrification.

The Good Traveler Program was initiated by San Diego International Airport in 2015 and is managed by the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Institute. Learn more about The Good Traveler program at thegoodtraveler.org

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