Investing in the Future

At C&S, we value community engagement and actively collaborate with organizations and schools that aim to introduce high school students to various aspects of the engineering field.

Students of all ages are eager and excited to learn about the many opportunities that are available to them in the engineering industry. Our C&S team members, from intern to CEO, are excited to share and inform, broadening the horizons of young adults. We are enthusiastic about satisfying curiosity and helping students identify how their natural skills and interests can feed into their future career paths.

We are grateful for the chance to inspire future leaders by participating in events, showcasing life at C&S and the exciting world of STEM fields, all while having a good time.
Some C&S team members share their experiences below.

Chris Strnad, Civil Engineer Intern in our Aviation group, along with several members of our Detroit Aviation Team, recently attended the Huron Valley Schools Career Expo to showcase the world of aviation and explain the role of engineers. They had great dialogue and helped students discover potential careers that may not have been on their radar. All agree these events showcase the important impact we, as professionals, can have in our surrounding communities, but more importantly, the impact we can have as individuals on a student’s process of deciding a career path.

Melissa Stern, Business Development Manager

“I find it rewarding to give back by sharing my knowledge and passion for the industry with young students to help them figure out their own passion and potential career goals. Any opportunity to get students excited about AEC and all that it has to offer is time well spent in my book!”

Melissa and the C&S Companies San Diego office support ACE Mentor San Diego financially and with mentors. ACE San Diego works with local high schools to offer a volunteer program that teaches students about potential careers in architecture, engineering, and construction.

Kelli McArdell, Chief Inspector

“I enjoy sharing the vast worlds of engineering and construction because the day-to-day tasks of professionals working in these industries are not well known. In construction, we work daily on many projects, and being able to share how these projects come to life is exciting.

My favorite moments are when I go to a school or college with real-life equations or examples and the students are engaged and excited. I usually have students draw crosswalks outside in a parking lot with chalk and then complete a cost estimate for that crosswalk. It’s a simple example, but allows them to see the crosswalk, understand why the crosswalk is placed where it is, and then determine how much it costs to install. “

Michaela Pullano, Talent Acquisition Specialist
“Partnering with organizations that focus on the growth of Syracuse is something we especially enjoy. I serve on the Advisory Board for ERIE 21, a program housed at Le Moyne College that facilitates tech-centered pathways for students from middle school to adult learners. ERIE has quickly become a staple to our community by igniting a passion for STEM and upskilling our community. There is a huge generational gap in Syracuse, and we are proud to be a part of eradicating that, one student at a time. Last summer, a team of C&S employees attended the ERIE 21 Innovation Academy and got students up and moving. During our session, we taught students how to design and calculate the cost of a critical part of the infrastructure, the crosswalk. Walking through safety procedures, some simple math, and using a wheel, we might have had some future civil engineers in the group.

Our partnership with the Syracuse Community has been strengthened through MACNY’s Partners in Education and Business programs. We have collaborated with Syracuse City School District’s CTE and P-TECH as well as Oswego County P-TECH programs. Attending events sponsored by organizations and schools that work with high school students allows us to stay active in our communities and enables our employees to make a lasting impact on younger generations. There’s always a fun activity that brings the energy up and builds teamwork. Whether it’s stacking cars on a suspended piece of paper, building a tower out of pipe cleaners that also supports a golf ball, or stacking cups using rubber bands and string.

Our goal is to instill that we believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration. Our diverse group of engineers, construction managers, architects, planners, and scientists all bring unique skills and perspectives to the table. Being an authentic team member who is a lifelong learner is what will set you up for success.”

Knowledge is not just power, it’s a lifelong companion that grows with you! Our aim is to ignite the spark of curiosity within every student and leave them thinking about an exciting career choice they may not have been aware of. Ignite the minds of your students – Contact Terry Hopkins today to get more information!

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