Engineers Week 2024 – Meet Ken!

Engineers Week

We are thankful for the tireless efforts, problem-solving skills, and the positive influence our incredible engineers bring to the communities we live and work in. 

C&S Companies, Managing Engineer, Kenneth Gethers is sharing a little bit about himself and his role.

 ❓ What sparked your interest in engineering? 

“Growing up with a father who was a carpenter, during the summertime, I would work with my dad in the field of construction, and while it was a fulfilling experience working alongside my dad, I knew I did want to do the day-to-day labor side of it. I was good at math, so my college guidance counselor recommended engineering to me, I did an internship and never looked back.”

 ❓ Do you have a memorable project? 

“My first project, the SUNY Oswego Utility Infrastructure Assessment Modeling, was my most challenging and rewarding. It was new to me, C&S, and the industry. I learned a lot from my mentor, Mark Dadey, and enjoyed solving problems for the client. It involved many engineering aspects, including new technology, client interaction, site visits, and technical writing. Problem-solving is my favorite part of engineering.”

“I stay updated with the latest trends and technologies by learning from various sources and people. I have participated in YP symposiums, AutoCAD University, C&S training, and forward-thinking clients. I appreciate the diversity of thoughts and perspectives at C&S Companies.”

❓ If you could collaborate with any historical engineer, who would it be?

“I would love to collaborate with Walter Braithwaite, who revolutionized Boeing’s use of computer technology in aircraft design. Aviation has always fascinated me, and tapping into his experience and knowledge would be of great value to me.”

 ❓ What advice would you give to someone just starting their engineering journey?

“I advise new engineers to stay balanced and not get too high or low. Develop relationships, as they can open doors and opportunities for you.”

 ❓ Go to Ice Cream Flavor? 

“Favorite, hands down, is Cookies and Cream.”

Thank you, Ken, proud to have you on the team! 

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