Solar Array Installed at Syracuse Facility

Solar array panels on roof top

C&S today announced that it has begun generating solar power at its office in Syracuse, New York. The 672 roof-mounted solar panels comprising C&S’s solar array are expected to generate approximately 25% of the facility’s electrical consumption with clean, zero carbon solar energy. 

“Implementing a solar power system is just one of the many ways in which we’re embracing sustainability,” said Tim Hughes, corporate sustainability leader of C&S. “In addition to the environmental benefits, the financial payback this system will generate in the first few years will essentially pay for the installation costs.”

Installation of the solar panels supports C&S’s sustainability initiative to reduce the consumption, degradation and depletion of vital, limited resources. Other sustainability initiatives at the Syracuse office have included LEED certification, Energy Star equipment purchases, occupancy sensors, and a robust recycling program. 

Construction of the solar array was completed by Solar Liberty in only a few months, with the final commissioning taking place in January 2021.

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