Meet Andrea Cella, Principal Engineer

We are so grateful for our incredible employees!⁣⁣

At C&S, we believe that exceptional employees build exceptional companies. And without their continuous hard work and contributions, none of the success we’ve achieved would’ve been possible.⁣⁣

That’s why we appreciate all the effort and dedication they put into each project day after day. We want everyone to feel acknowledged and to truly understand how much they mean to us. Today we are introducing Andrea Cella, Principal Engineer with a Q&A.

Where are you located?

I work out of the Orlando, FL C&S office.

What does a typical day at C&S look like?

A typical day involves working on multiple projects, each within a different stage of development, from the beginning stages of design, to final design to construction review and problem solving. I also enjoy modeling the structure in 3D drafting software to create construction plans and details.

What drew you to your career choice?

I enjoy creating something useful that will enhance people’s lives. I love the problem solving challenges of engineering, which can be proven with mathematical equations. I was drawn to this when choosing a career in college and I still find it enjoyable today.

What has been the proudest moment of your career?

My proudest accomplishment was when I became a licensed structural professional engineer.

What are your favorite types of projects to work on?

I enjoy working on all types of projects, but most enjoy buildings in which the architect has chosen to expose the structural elements, making them an architectural feature and part of the building’s character.

C&S has a set of core values: Integrity • Authenticity • Team Spirit • All-in, what one resonates most with you and why?

The “authenticity” value resonates most with me because I think we’re at our best when we are being true to ourselves. When we can give the best part of ourselves, we contribute wholeheartedly, raising our team up to perform at the highest level.

When not at work where can you be found having fun?

I love to go camping with my daughter, spending time with my dogs, going to the beach and working on projects around my house.

What is one of your bucket list destinations?

I would love to visit Rome, Italy because of its amazing history.

Thank you so much for continuing to share your skills, ideas and leadership with us – you have truly made C&S a better place!

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