Construction and Program Management

We make sure that all members of the team work toward the common goal of project success.

A well-prepared plan is only as good as its implementation. C&S understands the relationship between the overall success of a project and competent implementation of a project plan. We focus on completing projects that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, while minimizing construction impacts and delivering the highest quality work. Our clients trust the implementation of their project to our construction and program management group. C&S maintains a full-time staff of construction managers, inspectors, and support staff who provide comprehensive services. Our professionals manage the construction of educational, airport, transportation, municipal, private development, and facilities projects. The wide range of services C&S provides covers pre-construction services, construction phase services, and post construction closeout.


A distinct advantage of the C&S approach to construction is constructability reviews during project design. Armed with the realities of a contractor’s perspective, design personnel can provide the most efficient and cost-effective design. Feedback on phasing, methods, materials and specifications, contract packaging, and contract administration matters minimizes construction impacts.

Construction Phase

Scheduling, coordination, quality assurance, issue resolution, and budget control become our focus when construction starts. Our team of supervisors, construction managers, resident engineers, and inspectors are extremely aware of the importance of complete and open communication among all project parties, the impact of change orders on project budgets, and the importance of rapid resolution of conflicts and disagreements, with a goal of zero potential litigation.


Quality assurance does not end when the contractor finishes construction. Our construction team remains to complete project documentation, determine project acceptance, audit final contractor payment requests, ensure document transfer, and deliver operations and maintenance training.

Cost Estimating

Our full-time cost estimators are dedicated solely to project estimating and scheduling disciplines for all construction projects and outsourced efforts. C&S’s estimators have a wealth of experience as contractors and engineers, and they bring the crucial “contractors’ perspective” to our estimates early in the pre-construction process so our clients can feel confident in their budgets heading into their bid openings. We have a track record that demonstrate our ability to provide solid contract documents. C&S takes pride in the fact that the majority of our projects have 2% or fewer non-owner directed/generated change orders, which is well below the national average of 5%-8% on renovation projects.

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