C&S’s architects design unique, thoughtful spaces that complement and contribute to the goals of our clients.

Whether renovating an academic space, designing a new airport terminal, rehabilitating a historic building, or adding to an existing hospital complex, we design facilities that enhance and highlight their surroundings. Our architects are supported by a full team of engineers and construction specialists who help create well-rounded, functional, and cost-effective projects. Working primarily for  municipal, higher education, healthcare, developer, and corporate clients, we have become nationally recognized for our award-winning designs. We offer full-service solutions to almost any architectural project:

  • Interior renovations and rehabilitations
  • New construction or additions
  • Building envelope restoration
  • Historic preservation
  • Programming
  • Conceptual design and feasibility studies
  • Code analysis
  • Construction administration and observation

Condition Assessments

Using a thorough and unique methodology of building system assessment, we walk every square inch of a structure with the full A/E team to document all existing conditions. We pride ourselves on thinking out of the box when it comes to balancing renovation needs with renovation costs. Using our BIM models we have the ability and the resources to conduct full building assessments, data gathering, asset tracking, and custom maintenance record creation for any type of facility or structure and create an electronic database.

Landscape Architecture

Contact: Mike Gridley |

Our landscape architects create projects that address human requirements and the ever-important need to increase the sustainability of our built environment. They have extensive knowledge of plant materials, site design and planning, accessibility requirements, grading and drainage, site detailing, site amenities and environmental considerations. The investment in the design and planning of public spaces for recreation, rejuvenation and reflection is repaid many times over in benefits to the community. Parks and trails provide an oasis where average citizens can reconnect with nature and enjoy outdoor activities, which also yield health benefits. The revitalization of downtown areas and neighborhoods in villages, towns, and cities is a growing trend as the public comes to appreciate pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, shopping districts, and historic districts.

  • Streetscape design/urban revitalization/ planning
  • Site amenities: kiosks, signage, seating areas, outdoor gathering areas/public art
  • Planting and landscape plans
  • Mitigation (e.g., habitat restoration, replacement of removed vegetation)
  • Bike/pedestrian facilities: trails, sidewalks, crosswalks
  • Green stormwater facilities: natural ponds, wetlands, rain gardens
  • ADA-compliant accessibility in outdoor environments
  • Green parking area layout and design
  • Native plantings, xeriscaping, low-water use designs
  • Plan review and assessment of environmental and visual impacts


Contact: Aileen Maguire Meyer |

C&S takes an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to campus-wide planning. Using sustainability as a lens, planners engage a broad range of stakeholders to develop a planning framework for a functional and attractive environment to support the academic mission. We understand the importance of the relationship between the campus and its surrounding community and employ a customized approach to data collection and analysis, ensuring that plans are achievable. Our diverse planning staff includes professional engineers, landscape architects, GIS analysts, and members of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) with expertise in land use planning, economic analysis, sustainability, transportation planning, landscapes and stakeholder/public engagement.

Visualization and Renderings

Contact: Ryan Merry  |

We create virtual graphic models of our facilities and infrastructure to allow clients to see what their ideas can become. The model allows a 3D view of the project and is a powerful planning tool for funding support and public outreach.

Virtual Reality

We can now create virtual reality simulations of facilities for users to interact with a computer simulated environment. We design our projects using 3D software that allows our clients to walk through their buildings right here in our office or we can take our VR equipment to you! The use of virtual reality allows the client to not only see what they are paying for before it’s built, but also perceive it in a more natural way. While standard visualization methods tend to convey the characteristics of a space, VR can convey the “experience” of a space. Instead of just viewing images or even a short animation, the user can “walk” through their space, look around, more accurately sense the scale of the environment, and even in some cases, interact. Our VR models are created by utilizing the Revit documents that are already produced during a project’s natural design process, ensuring continuity, as the project is updated and refined. In order to utilize this technology C&S has invested in a dedicated virtual reality room as well as a powerful laptop to bring these models on the go.

3D Printing

Contact: C&S has an on-site 3D printer to bring our computer models to physical reality. This is a powerful tool for clients to bring their ideas to life and form. A physical model is something advocates can rally around. Our 3D printer develops even the tiniest details and in color!

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